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Congratulations for being an Alumni of the Whitney Business Conference! (WBC) The event was jam packed with so much incredible content designed specifically for you to grow and scale your business. All of the speakers were first class and very brilliant. We have been inundated with rave reviews and thank you’s for putting on a conference that is changing the way our invitees will do business forever.

I’ve never been to a conference that was structured in a way that was really exactly what someone would need to know when it comes to scaling any business. And so if someone is looking to scale their business, this is the conference.

— Ray Higdon, RayHigdon.com
Whitney Alumni 2016
Well if you are in business for yourself and you want to scale your business, you want to grow or you just need help with some partners, maybe you need marketing help, or direct mail guidance or franchising, this is the place to come because everybody here has been through it in one form or another. All you got to do is meet them, ask, and they are so helpful, everybody is here to help you.

— Bob Urichuck, Bob Urichuck Management
Whitney Alumni 2016
For somebody that is already in business doing seminars, doing direct response marketing weather on-line or off-line, and you want to surround yourself with high-level folks, but also to get Russ’s insights, if you want to get those, from the man himself and have the opportunity to do that then you absolutely got to be here.

— Dustin Mathews, Speaking Empire
Whitney Alumni 2016

We want to say, “Thank you!” for attending The WBC, so we have created this page, along with a couple of exceptional opportunities for you to stay connected with the Whitney Business Organization and continue being exposed to and receiving resources from Russ’ Billion Dollar Rolodex!!

Here you will find a series that Russ has recorded for you with his Power Experts. These are topics or a deeper dive into things discussed at the event. Please feel free to contact these experts when you feel their services will compliment your own business.

Finally, as an Alumni of the WBC, you are invited to come back to the next one gratis! If you would like to re-attend, it is required that you contact our offices and reserve your space. You can contact us at 239-471-2121 or by email at support@www.russwhitneybusiness.com.

The next Whitney Business Conference is scheduled for June 27-29, 2016.

Keep an eye out for our “Pay it Forward Campaign”. This will be headed your way and it provides you with a unique opportunity to invite 5 people that meet the conference scholarship criteria. What an incredible gift to your contacts from you!

Remember, space is limited and Russ wants to keep this a closely held environment. So if you would like to re-attend and bring colleagues and partners, make sure you contact us right away.

Enjoy this incredible series. On behalf of the entire team at Whitney, it was good to see you and we wish you and your business wild growth and success.