“How To Dramatically Scale Your Business…
SMASH Through Plateaus… Successfully Manage Your
Exponential Growth… And SAFELY Navigate All
The Obstacles and Growing Pains
You’ll Encounter Along The Way.

Priceless LESSONS… INSIGHTS… and INSIDER CONTACTS From Russ Whitney and His Private
‘Power Team’ of Expert Advisors.”

Here’s Your Chance To Gain Access To Russ Whitney’s 30 Years Of Experience, Business Secrets, (and Even His Billion Dollar Rolodex…)



Dear Friend, If GROWING and SCALING your business is something that is important to you, then this may be one of the most important letters you ever read. Here’s WHY: Russ Whitney IS THE “MASTER” OF SCALING BUSINESSES – and he will be hosting a business conference unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Whitney Business Conference will NOT be a pitch fest, nor will it be a “real estate” investment conference.



Let me ask you… Where are you NOW in your business? WHERE do you want to go? HOW are you going to get there? Are you currently making low 7 figures in your current business?

Are you ready to scale up to MULTIPLE 7 figures… Perhaps up to $25 MILLION… $50 MILLION… Even $250 MILLION and beyond?

Well, wherever you want to go, Russ Whitney has been there. And more importantly, he can guide you to where you want to go. After all, there is a lot you can learn from someone who has built a mega-successful BILLION dollar business over several years, and who is willing to be completely honest and transparent about their FAILURES AND MISTAKES, as well as their claims of great SUCCESSES. And for the first time ever, Russ will be opening the “proverbial kimono” and taking you behind the scenes – holding nothing back – and sharing his years of hard-won business experience with you, in the hopes and expectations that YOU will use what you learn to create a massive, worldwide empire of your own. This is the same coveted information that Russ has been sharing with a select group of business owners, Entrepreneurs and CEO’s for the past year. These are many of the very same strategies Russ has used over the past 30 years to impact millions of people and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues. Now, quite frankly this new Whitney Business Conference is not for everyone. And not everyone who applies to come will be accepted. However, if you are reading this message now, it MUST mean your name is on a very exclusive list of individuals who we believe will benefit greatly from this HIGH-END, exclusive training event for real movers and shakers. If this resonates with you so far, I invite you to request a private invitation by clicking the button below.



Quite frankly… BECAUSE HE CAN. Please understand something… Russ wouldn’t ever have to work another day in his life if he didn’t want to. He is completely financially independent and he could retire and sail off into the sunset, and just play golf everyday. But that’s NOT Russ. He has found a new passion in sharing his wisdom, lessons, and insights with other savvy business owners who are looking to grow. Up until now, he has only been able to share his business expertise with a handful of private mentoring clients. But the Whitney Business Conference will allow him to reach even more people. And that’s what really has him juiced and excited right now.


As a broad, overall answer, this conference is going to give you the skills, capabilities, resources and knowledge you need to dramatically SCALE your business to the next level. Whether you want to maximize the value of your business in order to SELL it, or you just want to dominate your industry and create a global empire, or anywhere in between. Russ will show you the ROADMAP at this conference. This promises to be a very exclusive, high-level event that is unlike any other “seminar” in the world. This is not your run of the mill “internet marketing” seminar, nor is it a pitch-fest designed to tease you and then upsell you more expensive products. This is a real life, high level business conference packed with amazing information designed to help you scale your business, add profit centers, and give you an overload of options and ideas, resources and CONTACTS, that will have you dizzy with excitement.


On a more granular level, here are just a few of the topics that will be covered at the conference:

    • Would you like to bypass the hype and puffery and learn how, to scale and build your business, regardless of what niche you are in?


  • Would you like to learn how to avoid lawsuits?



  • Or how to avoid negative internet press?



  • Would you like to have access to funding in order to build your business?




(Russ will be sharing strategies and ‘contacts’ that can provide funding into the millions of dollars, if you have a good plan; and if you are willing to learn solid Entrepreneurial and high-level CEO management skills.)

    • Would you like to discover how to raise funds for your business regardless of whether or not you have bad credit? (Good credit is always a plus, but not necessary in the real world of business, *IF* you have the right contacts and the correct strategy.)


  • ALERT: Would you like to get legal (INSIDE) information about new merchant account regulations that are now coming down very heavy in many industries? (Even if you are a solid brick and mortar business.)



  • Would you like access to all the new regulations and learn exactly which businesses will be targeted first?



  • Would it benefit you to know if you are a target and what to do about it?



  • And how would you like to get the TOP merchant account EXPERTS in the industry to sit with you at lunch (or in a small meeting) and make this your personal contact?





BUT WAIT, that’s not all.


    • Where To Find Top Notch CEO Talent That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level


  • How To Handle Your Lawsuits & How to Handle The FTC, Attorney General Issues or Any Other Regulatory Agencies When They Come After You



  • And here’s something a bit “controversial” that Russ will cover at the conference (that VERY FEW people talk about), but it could make a world of difference for you when it comes to exponentially GROWING your business… If you’ve hit a plateau, LISTEN UP:




At the Whitney Business Conference Russ will cover the important distinction between seeing yourself as an “entrepreneur” as opposed to a HIGH-LEVEL CEO. Many small business owners like to fancy themselves as entrepreneurs. You’ll discover why you should never choose being an “Entrepreneur” over being a CEO; Not knowing the difference between them is the death knell for most businesses. In fact, you will learn the real reason the statistic that 95% of all small businesses fail in the first year is true and 50% of businesses that are 5 years old go under; and how you can avoid that devastating mistake.


Rolodex_collageWhen you come to the conference you will also gain access to Russ Whitney’s BILLION DOLLAR ROLODEX – his connections, his contacts, his POWER TEAM of expert advisors, and his personal network of movers and shakers – all at your fingertips! This alone is worth the price of admission, isn’t it? Plus…

Multi-Million Dollar Seminar Promotion Secrets:


DID YOU KNOW THAT RUSS CONSISTENTLY HAD OVER 60,000 PEOPLE PER MONTH REGISTERING FOR HIS LIVE EVENTS FOR NEARLY A DECADE? Think about this conquest for a moment. At the peak of his training business, Russ had over 250 trainers working for him and his company was doing over 600 LIVE events a week! We are talking about live events in 7 countries and this does not count webinars or webinar based events. When I look at that number its mind boggling! Also, that company initially did $5.5 million a year in revenue, and over the next 10 years grew every year until it reached $250 million dollars a year in revenue. That business alone was cash flowing at one million dollars per week after all expenses! HOW VALUABLE WOULD IT BE TO HEAR ALL THE MARKETING STRATEGIES RUSS USED, SO YOU CAN DUPLICATE THEM FOR YOURSELF!? AND NOT ONLY THAT, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE LIVE ACCESS TO THE TEAM THAT MADE IT HAPPEN?

    • Wouldn’t you like the chance to interact with Russ and his team of experts, LIVE and in person?


  • See EXACTLY how Russ took his educational training company from ZERO to $250 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR IN SALES.



  • You’ll also discover how he took a fledgling Construction Business, became a partner, (with out investing a dime) and took it to generating over $750 million dollars and building over 7,000 homes in six years.




These are but a few of the amazing, business building lessons that will be shared at the upcoming conference.






As I’m sure you can see, Russ is a man you would do well to listen to – he’s spent many millions of dollars on his own education, not to mention 30 years of (his accumulated successes, failures, and the lessons learned from BOTH) in the REAL world of business, learning the up’s, the down’s, the in’s, the out’s, the pitfalls, so you don’t have to repeat his mistakes. Remember, wherever you are now in your business career, RUSS HAS BEEN THERE.

Let him hand you the ROADMAP to where you want to go.

Look, if all of this sounds good to you so far, and you find yourself getting more and more excited about this one-of-a-kind business conference, then your next step is to REQUEST A PRIVATE INVITATION BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW NOW.



BEFORE I ANSWER THAT, LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN… I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS POINT ENOUGH: This will NOT be a “pitch fest” where Russ has speakers coming in to SELL you products from the back of the room. NO. Our SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS are part of Russ’s personal “POWER TEAM” – he’s bringing in his very own trusted inner circle of expert business advisors – to EDUCATE you on what you need to know. Some of Russ’s Expert Advisors Include:


Carl Linder, Esq.

An absolute genius in the area of Asset Protection. You’ll hear him cover little-known strategies for protecting your business and your wealth.



Larry Benet.

The founder of SANG (The Speakers and Authors Networking Group). Larry is the ultimate connector and he will share valuable insights on how to effectively network, so you can get the most out of the private cocktail reception we will be hosting at the close of day one.



Darren Ginsberg

The “BIG GUN” and ultimate authority on Merchant Accounts. If your business relies on the use of a merchant account to accept money – then you MUST listen to what Darren shares at this event. It could mean the difference between KEEPING your merchant account this year, or LOSING it – Seriously. There will also be an invaluable Q&A session with Darren, so you can ask him your questions.



Hellen Davis

Our educational segment on SCALING will continue with Hellen who, for more than two decades, has been a corporate strategist, executive consultant, and motivational speaker. Hellen Davis is the President & CEO of Indaba, Inc., a management consulting and training corporation. Her clients include executives and leaders from dozens of Fortune 100 corporations. She’ll be going deep into FORECASTING, systems, process, resources for scaling, and more. Russ personally brought her in to help him dramatically grow his business.



Mike Alden

Mike is an attorney and one of Russ’s “insiders” in the Infomercial Business. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to COST EFFECTIVELY use infomercials to experience a dramatic surge in sales, you’ll want to listen in to this presentation.


L. Kent Densley

Kent brings a proven track record in business development, risk management, commercial and investment banking. He is a veteran business originator and transaction closer, with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, and financial restructuring.

Lee Lanktree

Lee’s 40+ years of experience in private and public funding, merger & acquisition and franchising has positioned him to be able to provide practical and effective guidance to a wide spectrum of businesses, whether they be at the entrepreneurial, development or expansion stages.


Then we will also have an expert panel that you’ll be able to ASK PLENTY OF QUESTIONS – including: Anthony Amos (expert on franchising) and even Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and Infomercial fame!

These are just some of the brilliant guest expert advisors you’ll get to learn from, and interact with all 3 days at the conference.


Now if for some remote chance you don’t recognize Russ Whitney’s name, allow me to give you a brief overview. These are highlights of the “Russ Whitney Story.”

Russ Whitney is the epitome of the classic “rags to riches” story.

Russ Whitney started out with absolutely nothing.

He lost his mother at a young age, and his father died when he was just 14 years old. He ended up in the wrong crowd and went to prison when he was 17. At age 20, when he was released from prison, he began working in a Slaughterhouse (killing hogs) for $6.00 an hour.

But Whitney wanted MORE for his life and for his young family; he had the drive and the desire for a better life. Inspired by a book called “How to Wake Up The Financial Genius Inside of You” by Mark Haroldsen, Whitney went on to build a huge real estate portfolio and then bought, founded, built, merged and acquired over 40 business in varied industries OTHER than real estate, both here in the U.S. and abroad.

In 1996 he founded and built the largest financial education company, in its industry, in the world. That company, the Whitney Education Group, also became the first and largest publicly traded international financial training organization of it’s kind.

This business, alone had revenues of $250 million per year, with over 2,000 employees and independent contractors, and had brick and mortar operations in over 7 countries!

Russ has been credited with helping more people achieve financial independence than any other individual or company, of its type, in the world.

In fact, he has already shown over 6 million men and women how to take charge of their financial destiny over the last 30 years, and has helped countless investors and business owners to reach financial independence and millionaire status, worldwide.

Now that’s the part of the “success story” most people know.

But there are other parts of his story you probably don’t know.

For example…

Did you know that Russ Whitney is also behind some very well-known brands, such as:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

That’s right.

RICH DAD, POOR DAD! Everyone in world has heard of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book…

It has sold well over 25 Million copies to date, throughout the world, and has topped the best seller list year after year.

However, most people don’t know that it was Russ Whitney who wrote the training programs and designed the Rich Dad Poor Dad Education Business!

Rich Dad education generated approximately $42 MILLION dollars for Whitney and his company, in its first year, and by year three had revenues of over $100 million dollars.

You’ll be surprised to discover the following facts about that business…

Russ Whitney and his company funded 100% of the Rich Dad Education Business; Today, he and his family are still the largest shareholder in that company as of the writing of this letter. (And the author of the Rich Dad book is still only a minority shareholder.)

Isn’t that wild?

And at this upcoming conference you will learn exactly how Russ got the controlling rights to this (and many other) businesses. You will also learn how you can use these strategies to grow your business interests.

* You will also learn how he grew some of his businesses with small mergers, acquisitions and ‘roll ups’ and how you can implement these same strategies to dramatically grow your business.

Below is a list of just a sampling of companies Russ has owned, still owns, or has sold…

  • Teach Me To Trade (Stock training strategies) -100 million/per year at it’s peak
  • Star Trader (Stock training)
  • Cash Flow Generator -(Acquired from Ron LeGrand)
  • Russ Whitney’s Building Wealth – (Real Estate books, training and continuity programs)
  • Whitney U.K. Limited (England, Ireland, Scotland and Spain- 5 million Euro per year)
  • Whitney Central America (Land Development, resort hotel and conference center)
  • Project is building over 486 single family homes and condo units on the Pacific Ocean. Project value -over 70 million dollars
  • Whitney Canada (Real estate, Business and Stock Training for Canadians)
  • Whitney Central America (Training and Property Investment-Costa Rica)
  • Fun Rentals Franchising Inc. – (Brick and mortar stores with over 40 locations, renting mopeds, bicycles, jet skis, beach chairs, umbrellas and other items people rent while on vacation)
  • Paradise Title Company – (Provider of title insurance)
  • Whitney Boat Company – (Buy, own and lease boats 40 ft. and under)
  • Precision Software Company – (Software development and licensing)
  • Confederation Of Organized Purchaser- C.O.O.P (Retail furniture appliances and carpeting. 5 brick and mortar locations)
  • CompuWorld International Inc. – (Bundled Systems of hardware and software – One of the first V.A.R.’s for Apple Computer.)
  • Southwest Management and Development – (Commercial Management and trustee for the foreclosure court.)
  • Gulfstream Development – (Built and pre-sold over 7,000 homes and the 3rd largest private home builder in Southwest Florida)

Other Companies – and how they were grown, sold, syndicated or taken public – will be on display and dissected at the Whitney Business Conference.

These sessions will include Expert Panel Discussions, Q & A and select presentations from the front of the room by Russ and or his partners in the respective businesses.

Russ Whitney also has several REAL best selling books, (not “manipulated one-day one-hit wonders that are so prevalent in the “marketing” industry today)

His best-selling books include:

– Building Wealth (Simon and Schuster)

– Millionaire Real Estate Mentor (Dearborn)

– Millionaire Real Estate Mindset (DoubleDay)

As you can see, these are some of the largest and most recognized publishers in the world.

But as successful as Russ Whitney has been, a few years ago it all came crashing down.

The story of Russ’s biggest failure and downfall is a shocking story in and of itself.

You see, Russ was forced to endure a horrendous, bogus government investigation that caused him to lose control of one of his biggest businesses. It was also partially the reason his marriage of 30 years ended.

After sinking over $22 million dollars in legal fees to fight these government allegations, and after a painful 4 year, in depth look, at every aspect of his businesses, his investments, his personal life and much, much more, the government has, admittedly, found no wrongdoing, whatsoever! The result was no fine, no sanction, no finding of any wrongdoing – not even a slap on the wrist.

Note: This is a (MUST SEE ) part of the conference on how to win in litigation or successful settlement with no adjudication of any wrong doing, whatsoever. There is a template for this and once you learn the inside facts, you will know how to protect yourself from bogus lawsuits, whether personal or bureaucracy driven. This alone can save any business tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollar in legal fees, judgments and other costs brought by frivolous legal maneuvers.


In my private discussion about this with Russ, he bared his soul. He told me that for a period of time this caused him to lose his dignity, his pride, and even his desire to do anything. He became reclusive, hiding from the world, even though he never found to have done anything wrong – nor did he or his companies ever violate the law!

But after a brief, several year hiatus, Russ was ready to get back into action.

And just as quickly as he lost it all, Russ got back on track to making it all back and more.

At the conference, Russ will share some of his greatest failures and show you how to avoid these mistakes.

In fact in his opening presentation at the upcoming Whitney Business Conference, Russ will explain how he took almost 5 years off and traveled to over 20 countries throughout the world, including, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Haiti, Columbia, South America, Israel and many more.

His goal was to seek out the top Thought Leaders, Religious Leaders and Spiritual Leaders world-wide to seek the true meaning of what this life while we are here on earth is really about. What is the point? Is there a point??

Russ chuckles at one of his past favorite sayings. You probably know this one. HE WHO HAS THE MOST TOYS – WINS! Russ lived by that mantra for years, including a Citation 7 Jet that seats 10 people with 2 pilots, 10 cars multi-million dollar homes and all the other (“blah, blah, blah”) stories that many boast about.

Here is what Russ told me about that saying, about having toys and winning…

Russ said – He who has the most toys still – DIES!

Perhaps, if we are not growing our business and meeting the goals we set, we ought to take a look at what ‘real balance’ looks like.

Russ said that within the first hour of the conference, when he meets everyone from the front of the room, all in attendance will get the benefit of what he learned in that 5 years.

(However, it won’t take more than a one hour talk for you to get what it took him 5 years to learn.)

To boil it down, thanks to everything that Russ learned just in the past 5 years, he now works two thirds LESS than he has ever worked in his business career and he is ONE THOUSAND percent more productive, personally, and on the business side. This lesson alone would be worth the investment to attend.

Russ said that he will give you a 150 page report on every detail that helped shape all he has done in the past several years.

And here’s what’s interesting, an unexpected strategic byproduct was born from this difficult time, because Russ has now discovered that one of his True Purposes in life is in mentoring and sharing his vast business experience with other entrepreneurs and business owners who can benefit from his years of experience.

And he is truly fired up about this this.

Russ told us that after 5 years of removing himself from day to day operations of his businesses, this is truly the first endeavor he has considered that is not just for business purposes or generating cash.

He is extremely excited and motivated by the one-on-one Business Consulting he has done during this past year.


One-on-one Whitney Mentorship Clients pay Russ a minimum of $120,000.00 per year for his time and personal guidance. He and his team of business experts help small businesses grow their revenues, cut expenses, avoid or manage legal and regulatory problems and obviously much more.

Indeed, for mentoring clients, Russ becomes their trusted advisor and MENTOR – and is accessible by phone, Skype, in person meetings and by written communiqué.

Some of these clients have experienced multi-million dollar growth in the first year of having this type of access to Russ and his team.

As I mentioned earlier, On the very first meeting with one of these one-on-one mentoring clients, Russ spotted something within the first half hour of looking over the operation, that saved them over $1.3 million dollars in expenses for that year, once they implemented his suggestions!

That’s $1.3 million that went right to the bottom line… from expense to profit!

And while Russ does get a lot of personal satisfaction from mentoring these one-on-one clients, he wanted to reach an even larger segment of savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and movers and shakers who could benefit from his 30 years of experience. (Not to mention ALSO benefit from his BILLION DOLLAR ROLODEX – his connections, his contacts, and his personal network of movers and shakers.)

And that is how the Whitney Business Conference was born.

I hope you’ll join us!

And of course all 3 days you’ll get to hear from Russ Whitney himself as he shares his 30 years – and billions of dollars of mistakes, lessons, wins, and real-world business experience with you.

No puffery.

No “theory”.

No hype.

Just PRACTICAL business knowledge you can use NOW.

Now you might be wondering what an event of this caliber is going to cost, right?


Now let’s talk about the investment to come to this conference.

Russ Whitney’s personal business clients pay more than $120,000 per year for his consulting. All client benefits include free admission into the Whitney Business Conference. The non-client tuition is $10,000 per person and seating is limited. We currently have an amazing opening offer,  so request your invitation below to find out if and how you and your colleagues can attend on a fully paid scholarship.

But keep in mind, not just anyone who can stroke a check will be accepted to come.

That’s putting the cart before the horse.

We require an application to distinguish which individuals are serious about receiving this one-of-a-kind training. The application will be evaluated in awarding scholarships to the conference, further details regarding the event will be sent once you are accepted. However, if we determine that your business does not qualify for this conference, we will keep you in mind for consideration for future events.

The first step for you now is to click the button below and REQUEST AN INVITATION.

And let me take just a moment to tell you about the amazing venue Russ has secured for us…

Venue and Accommodations

Russ wants this to be a first class experience for you, so he decided to hold the Whitney Business Conference at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Spa in Fort Myers Florida.

It is one of the TOP vacation destinations in all of Southwest Florida, and an absolutely gorgeous, LIFESTYLE hotel.

It’s right on the Gulf of Mexico, and every room is an OCEAN FRONT ROOM.

This luxury, Gatsby style hotel has a small and cozy lobby area, which is great for networking. Not to mention delicious restaurants, sunset cruises, world-class fishing, an amazing resort pool, world class tennis courts (The 1989 Davis Cup was held here) first class fitness center, and SPA.

So while our time together with Russ and his team of experts will indeed be the best investment in growing our business to the next level, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves immensely after the event, right?

In fact, why not fly in early on the Friday before, and make a mini-vacation out of it?

I guarantee it will be an experience the entire family will enjoy!


Want even more good news?

If you do want to bring the family and make it a mini-vacation, we have negotiated with the Marriott to extend the SPECIAL DISCOUNT ROOM RATE of just $169 a night – for 3 days BEFORE the event, and 3 days after

I hope you’ll join us!

Again, this is NOT going to be a “pitch-fest”.

Russ is holding nothing back.

You will get the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This is for entrepreneurs who aspire to build a massive, global brand(s).

It is for individuals who want to do hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

It is also for those who just want to break through a growth barrier and simply get to the next million in sales and profits.

This is a rare, one-time opportunity for you to roll up your sleeves, and personally rub shoulders with Russ Whitney and his team of experts, so they can help you exponentially grow your business.

Just think of all the “insider knowledge” you’ll get at this event.

Just think of the high caliber people you’ll meet at this event.

Just imagine the contacts you’ll make here.

Look, Russ Whitney Is a True Business Veteran and a Walking Gold-Mine of BILLION Dollar Business Secrets.

His knowledge and expertise comes directly from the firing lines of the REAL business world.

He’s made the mistakes and can show you the way to where you want to go.

There is no theory here… he’s experienced it all!

Do you really want to pass up the opportunity to meet Russ one-on-one and learn from him?

And perhaps even corner him and his team of experts, and ask them specific questions pertaining to your own business and challenges and how to overcome them?

The only other way to get this kind of “access” would be to hire Russ as your mentor for $120,000 per year.

And even that is a very low amount compared to the value he will bring to the table for you.

But for now, why not at least request an invitation by clicking the button below now?

If you’re accepted, I’m sure you’ll agree, that the tuition is a very reasonable investment.

In fact… if you truly aspire to build a massive, global brand…

If you want to do hundreds of millions of dollars in sales…

Or if you simply want Russ’s help breaking through a growth barrier and simply get to the next million in sales and profits…

Then Don’t You Think You Owe It To Yourself To Be At This Event?

Then request your private invitation NOW.

Simply click the button below.

I hope to see you there face-to-face.

Yours Truly,

Bill Bain
“Russ Whitney’s Right Hand Man”

P.S. Don’t forget, at the conference you’ll also get access to Russ Whitney’s BILLION DOLLAR ROLODEX – his connections, his contacts, and his personal “POWER TEAM” of expert advisors, and network of movers and shakers – all at your fingertips!

This alone is worth the price of admission, isn’t it?

I assure you, the knowledge and CONTACTS you make at this conference will be invaluable to you.

And I guarantee you the Whitney Business Conference will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You will also be guaranteed a first class room with beautiful waterfront views facing the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.

It’s going to be absolutely amazing.

I just know you are going to walk out of here saying, “I’ve NEVER been to anything like that before…”

I hope you’ll join us.

So don’t put this off any longer.

Request an invitation now.

You’ll be very glad you did.